What is the Difference between Burberry And Burberrys of London

The difference between Burberry and Burberrys of London is that Burberry is the current name of the fashion brand, while Burberrys of London was its previous name. The company was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry and originally known as ‘Burberrys’. In 1999, they changed their name to simply ‘Burberry’ as part of a rebranding exercise which also included modernizing their iconic logo.

As well as a new look, this change represented an evolution for the business into luxury fashion retailing with stores all around the world selling clothing and accessories for men’s, women’s and children’s wear; fragrances, eyewear and beauty products; watches; home furnishings; jewelry etc. All items feature the iconic check design associated with both names but are now just called ‘Burberry’.

Burberry and Burberrys of London are two distinct fashion labels, but they are often mistakenly thought to be the same. Burberry is a British luxury fashion house founded in 1856 that specializes in outerwear, fragrance, sunglasses and cosmetics; while Burberrys of London is an independent company established in 2013 that produces classic trench coats made from genuine leather. While both brands offer elegant designs with high quality materials, their products vary greatly as do their pricing points.

What is the Difference between Burberry And Burberrys of London

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When Did Burberry Change from Burberrys to Burberry?

Burberrys was the original name of the brand, which was changed to Burberry in 1998. The rebranding process included a modernized logo and an updated aesthetic that has become synonymous with luxury fashion. This new look also allowed for more innovative designs, as well as higher quality fabrics and materials being used in products like outerwear and trench coats.

As part of this transformation, Burberry launched its first e-commerce site in 1999, ushering in a new era of digital marketing that helped propel the company’s success over the next decade.

How Can I Tell If My Vintage Burberry is Real?

One of the best ways to tell if your vintage Burberry is real is to look for the iconic check pattern. The Burberry logo should be clearly visible and will usually feature a knight on horseback which was first used in 1901 by founder Thomas Burberry. Additionally, you can look for key details like buttons, zippers, stitching, labels and fabric composition as these items are often unique to authentic pieces.

It’s also important to take note of any irregularities or inconsistencies as this could indicate a fake product. Finally, it’s always wise to purchase from an authorized dealer or trusted retailer if possible; that way you can be sure that your vintage Burberry is genuine.

Is Real Burberry Made in London?

Yes, real Burberry products are made in London. The fashion house has been based in the city since it was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856 and continues to operate out of its flagship store on Regent Street. All of their iconic tartan patterns and trench coats are designed at their studios near Haymarket and then produced through a network of manufacturers located both abroad as well as within the UK.

In addition to production facilities in Yorkshire, they also have factories located across Europe such as Italy, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria that produce clothing for the brand.

What are the Three Burberry Brands?

The three Burberry brands are the original Burberry London, the Prorsum collection which is tailored and sophisticated fashion pieces, and finally, there is the Brit line which features casualwear such as polos and T-shirts. The London line focuses on classic styles with a modern twist while the Prorsum collection offers more luxurious items perfect for special occasions. Lastly, the Brit line provides fashion pieces that are stylish yet comfortable enough to wear everyday.

Each of these collections allows customers to select from an array of apparel ranging from outerwear to bags and accessories in order to create their own unique style.

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Burberrys Fake Or Real

Buying authentic Burberry products can be a difficult task, as there is a large market for counterfeit items. It is important to know the characteristics of real Burberry items and compare them with those of counterfeits in order to make sure you buy genuine products. Be aware that fake Burberrys may feature misspelled words or logos, low-quality materials, and poor stitching.

Also look out for too-good-to-be-true prices, which are usually an indicator of fraudulent goods.

Burberrys of London Vintage

Burberrys of London is a world-renowned fashion house with a rich history in the luxury goods market. Vintage pieces from Burberrys are highly sought after due to their timeless design and quality craftsmanship. From classic trench coats to iconic check scarves, these vintage garments are an investment piece that will remain stylish for many years to come.

When Did Burberrys Change to Burberry

In 2001, Burberrys underwent a major rebranding and changed its name to the now-familiar “Burberry” moniker. The new branding focused on modernizing the company’s classic tartan pattern and made other changes to attract younger consumers with a more contemporary aesthetic. While the iconic plaid design remains one of the most recognizable fashion trademarks in history, Burberry has stayed ahead of the curve by introducing an array of luxury designs that have kept them at the forefront of global fashion trends.

Burberrys Prorsum

Burberrys Prorsum is a high-end fashion line from iconic British luxury brand Burberry. Founded in 1856, the collection features classic cuts and timeless silhouettes crafted with premium quality materials for an effortless look that exudes sophistication and style. From traditional trench coats to contemporary pieces, this luxurious label brings together a modern aesthetic with signature heritage details for truly unique designs that are sure to become wardrobe staples.


Overall, it is clear that Burberry and Burberrys of London are two distinct labels. While they share the same name, their origin story differs as well as the style of clothing they produce. Both brands have enjoyed success in recent years but remain distinct entities with very different goals.

With this knowledge, shoppers can make a more informed decision when selecting which label to purchase from.

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