Difference between Pikes Spears And Lances

Pikes, spears and lances are three different types of weapons used by warriors in battle. Pikes are long poles with sharp metal points that can be up to 20 feet in length. They were typically used by infantry units to keep cavalry from charging their lines.

Spears are shorter than pikes and usually have a metal head on one end, as well as wooden shafts for thrusting attacks. The main purpose of spears is for throwing at opponents or piercing them through the chest or abdomen when close-quarter combat occurs. Lances are longer than both pikes and spears, often measuring up to 16 feet in length, and they have a blunt front end with a pointed back that enables riders on horseback to impale enemies while charging them at full speed.

Pikes, spears, and lances are all weapons that were used by warriors in the past. Pikes were long-handled weapons made of metal or wood with a pointed end. Spears had similar length and design but differed in that their tips often included barbs for increased penetration power.

Lances were mounted weapons used mainly by knights on horseback during jousting tournaments. They consisted of a wooden shaft tipped with an iron head which was designed to pierce armor or shield more effectively than either pikes or spears. All three types of polearm provided effective reach in close combat situations and allowed warriors to keep their enemies at bay from a distance.

Difference between Pikes Spears And Lances

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What is the Difference between Spears And Lances?

Spears and lances are both long, pointed weapons used in warfare, but there are key differences between them. A spear typically has a shorter shaft than a lance, usually about 6-7 feet in length, while a lance can be up to 16 feet long. Additionally, spears have wider blades at the end of their shafts that make them better suited for melee combat; conversely, lances have much narrower tips which allow them to pierce armor more easily when delivered with great force.

In terms of use on the battlefield, spears were favored by infantry soldiers due to their versatility and relatively short length; meanwhile, knights relied on longer lances for mounted jousting as they could maintain greater momentum on horseback. Both are still used today in some martial arts disciplines such as fencing and jousting reenactments.

Are Pikes And Spears the Same?

No, pikes and spears are not the same. A pike is a long pole weapon with a sharpened metal head, typically used in medieval warfare. They were often more than 6 meters (20 feet) in length, making them effective against mounted cavalry.

Spears on the other hand have been around since ancient times and come in many shapes and sizes; they generally have an iron or steel tip attached to a wooden shaft which can vary from 1-4m (3-12ft). The main difference between a spear and a pike is that spears are thrusting weapons while pikes are primarily for stabbing.

What is the Difference between a Lance Vs Spear Vs Pike Vs Javelin?

A lance is a long, two-handed weapon typically used by cavalry for charging in battle. It usually has an iron or steel tip and is approximately 12 feet (3.7 m) long with a narrow shaft and large handguard. A spear is similar to the lance but it only requires one hand to wield and is shorter, typically about 8 feet (2.4 m) in length with a wider cross section at the base of its head which gives it more balance when being thrown or thrust.

The pike is also similar to the lance but even longer, often up to 20 feet (6 m). Its primary purpose was as an infantry weapon against cavalry charges since its length allowed soldiers on foot to keep their distance while still attacking effectively from afar. The javelin is much smaller than any of these other weapons; it’s essentially just a short throwing spear that can be thrown overhand like a baseball or hurled underarm like a football over distances of up to 100 yards (91m).

Javelins were popular during antiquity and are still used today in some sporting events such as track & field competitions where athletes throw them for distance points.

Is a Pike a Lance?

No, a pike is not a lance. A pike is an especially long pole weapon that was used by foot soldiers in the 15th to 18th centuries. It typically featured a wooden shaft between 5 and 8 meters long with an iron or steel head on one end.

The other end usually had a pointed butt cap for balance and thrusting power. Lances, on the other hand, are considerably shorter weapons designed for mounted combat. They typically feature metal shafts between 1 and 2 meters long with an iron point at one end and tassels or feathers near the base of the shaft to add weight.

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Spear Vs Pike 5E

The spear and the pike are both polearm weapons which originated in ancient times. In Dungeons & Dragons 5E, these weapons have different stats. The spear is a melee weapon with a range of 20/60 feet, and it deals 1d6 piercing damage plus an additional 1d4 damage if used with two hands.

On the other hand, the pike has a reach of 10 feet and deals 2d4 piercing damage plus an additional 1d10 extra damage when used with two hands. The pike also has the advantage of allowing you to make opportunity attacks against enemies within its reach when they leave your threatened area.

Difference between Pike And Halberd

The main difference between a pike and a halberd is their shape. A pike is typically long and cylindrical, while a halberd has an axe blade at the top of a long pole. Pikes were used by infantry soldiers in close combat to stab their opponents, whereas halberds had multiple uses such as blocking blows from swords or axes and could be used for cutting down cavalry horses.

Additionally, the backside of each weapon was designed differently; pikes had sharp points on one side for stabbing enemies, while the other side was blunt for punching or pushing them away; on the other hand, halberds featured hooks that were used to pull riders off their horses.

Difference between Spear And Javelin

The main difference between a spear and a javelin is the length; spears are longer than javelins. While both weapons have been used throughout history as throwing spears, they differ in design and purpose. Spears typically measure six feet or more in length while javelins tend to be around four feet long.

Additionally, spears have a sharp point on one end that is designed for thrusting, while javelins use an aerodynamic shape to maximize throwing distance.

Difference between Pike And Spear

Pikes and spears are both weapons used in warfare, but they have distinct differences. A pike is a long spear with a metal or wooden shaft that typically has an iron or steel tip, while a spear is much shorter and usually has only one point at the end. Pikes are mainly used for thrusting attacks against opponents on foot or horseback, while spears can be thrown from afar.

Additionally, pikes have been known to be up to 20 feet long and were most commonly used by infantry soldiers during the Renaissance period in Europe; whereas spears can range anywhere between 6-10 feet in length and have been utilized since prehistory.

Halberd Vs Spear Vs Pike

The halberd, spear, and pike are all long-pole weapons that have been used in warfare for centuries. The halberd is a two-handed weapon with an axe head, spike and hook on the end of its pole. The spear has a sharpened point at one end to use as a thrusting weapon; this can be either one or two handed depending on the style of spear being used.

Finally, the pike is similar to the spear but much longer; this length gives it extra reach and power in combat against multiple opponents. All three of these weapons require skill and strength in order to wield them effectively.

Spear Vs Lance

The spear and the lance are two weapons that have been used by various cultures since ancient times. While they may appear similar, there are some subtle differences between them. The spear is typically a longer weapon with a wider head, while the lance is shorter and has a narrower head.

The main difference lies in their intended use: spears were primarily used as thrusting or throwing weapons, while lances were mainly used for mounted combat. Furthermore, the material of construction differs between these two weapons; spears traditionally had wooden shafts with metal heads, while lances usually consisted of metal shafts with pointed tips.

How to Fight With a Lance

When fighting with a lance, the first thing to remember is that it should be held firmly in one hand and aimed straight forward. The rider should remain seated, leaning slightly back and to one side for balance. A good way to practice proper posture is to imagine you are aiming an arrow, as this will help keep your arm steady when thrusting the lance forward.

It’s also important not to grip the lance too tightly or you may lose control of its direction during impact. Finally, always aim for key points on your opponent such as their shield or chestplate; hitting these areas can maximize damage and increase your chance of victory!

Lance Vs Sword

The lance and sword have been used as weapons of war for centuries, with both having their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. The lance is a long pole weapon that can be used to strike from a distance or thrust at close quarters, while the sword is an edged weapon designed for cutting and slashing in close combat. Both can be deadly if wielded correctly, but the lance has a longer reach which gives it an edge on open ground when facing opponents armed with swords.

On the other hand, swords are more effective in cramped spaces where there is no room to wield a lance effectively.


In conclusion, pikes, spears and lances are all weapons that have been used in warfare throughout history. While they share some similarities such as their spear-like shape, there are also distinct differences between them including their length, weight and use. Pikes were long pole arms typically used to form defensive formations against cavalry charges while spears were shorter weapons designed for throwing or thrusting during close combat.

Lances on the other hand had a longer reach than both pikes and spears but were primarily used by mounted knights in jousting tournaments.

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